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Angel Classes

ANGELS IN WAITING CLASS: In this class you will learn how to work with the Angels to make your life smoother and less stressful. There are Angels for every thing and every purpose. Learn how to easily access these Divine beings to assist you in every aspect of your life. Angels can guide us every day……every step of the way. The Angels love us just the way we are. The class will consist of lessons in accessing the Angelic realms easily and quickly for any situation. In addition, there will be a guided meditation to connect with your personal Angels. 2-½ hour class. Fee $25. (Janet’s guided meditation C.D. will be available for purchase)

MANIFESTING WITH THE ANGELS: Create the life you want! Learn to define your desires. Begin to recognize what you are really “wishing for” in your life. The Angels can help you to discover what it is you are attracting to your life and how to make changes to get back on track. The Angels do not judge us, nor do they judge our wishes and desires. It is up to us to keep our intentions in line with our “highest good”. Janet will take you on a guided meditation for clearing obstacles; connecting with your Angelic guides; accessing assistance in creating and manifesting your desires. Bring to class: a “wish list” of three things you want in your life. (Eg.: financial abundance, good health, perfect job, loving mate, etc.) 2-½ hour class. Fee $25

HEALING WITH THE ANGELS: This is an intensive healing workshop. All healing will be done with the Angels. This healing works for you on every level: physical, mental, and emotional. All you need is a “desire” and the “intention” to heal. The healing work is done directly with the Angels, through guided meditations and an open heart. The Angels will assist you in releasing any unwanted emotions such as anger, stress, grief, and forgiveness, (to name just a few). You will also receive assistance from the Angels with healing physical and mental issues. In addition, you can choose your own personal issues to be healed. The healing love and light of this workshop will warm your heart and assist you in bringing balance to your life. Come once, come often. 2 hour workshop. Fee $25


Spiritual Counseling Sessions

We all need a little help now and then to get through a stressful time, a set back, or a healing crisis. Janet offers Spiritual Counseling sessions to help you through those times in your life when all you need is some comfort, guidance and support. Sessions are imbued with Angelic guidance as Janet is always in communication with her Angel Guides and yours. Clients report feeling as though a burden has been lifted after a session. They also report a renewed sense of hope for happiness, as they can now face their lives with a different perspective. Two hour session is $60. By appointment. (In person or by telephone. If by phone, I place the call.)


What is Reiki Natural Healing?

What is Reiki? REIKI (pronounce Ray- Key ) is a Japanese word meaning “universal life force energy.” It is a gentle, non-intrusive method of hands-on healing. It is an easy to learn technique for bringing the light of love/healing directly to yourself, others and your animal friends, through your hands, heart, words and deeds. Reiki works to harmonize, restore and balance all aspects; physical, mental and emotional. This non-religious healing method and is now offered by trained practitioners world wide.

What Can Reiki do? Life force energy flows within all living things. When this life force energy becomes unbalanced or disrupted due to stress, illness, physical injury, emotional loss or trauma we may experience a lack of energy, depression, anxiety, insomnia and/or compromised health. Reiki can help to re-balance the body’s natural rhythm and energy flow. This will then assist the body in using its own natural healing mechanism to promote harmony, health and wholeness. Reiki has been known to relieve and/or lessen chronic pain, stress, illness, dis-ease and have other positive effects. Reiki treatments greatly compliment the healing process and will be a valuable addition to your normal medical care. Reiki is also a wonderful relaxation therapy, inducing deep feelings of peace and well-being.

How Does Reiki Work? The Reiki practitioner is trained to allow a constant flow of nutritive life force energy through their hands. While this energy flow is not visible, you will feel its gentle effects for some time. During a session, you are receiving the highest form of God-directed healing energy. (You are not receiving the practitioner’s energy) During a Reiki session you will remain fully clothed. The practitioner will place her hands very gently on your body or just above your body. There are routine hand placements but the practitioner can pay special attention to any injured or affected area in need. Reiki can be administered to a person laying down or sitting in a chair.

What Can I Expect During a Reiki Treatment? During a session (usually 60 minutes) you will become very relaxed and experience a great feeling of security and comfort. You may feel warmth, pulsing or tingling sensations coming through the hands of the practitioner. However, it is also perfectly normal if you don’t feel anything during a session, but may later notice changes taking place. Reiki has been known to greatly assist the immune system. It addresses both chronic and acute conditions. Reiki can be simply experienced for its balancing affects on the mental and emotional level.

While studies of the therapeutic effects of Reiki are being conducted with positive results, many thousands of experienced clients already attest to the benefits of this natural healing method. Reiki is rapidly being introduced into hospital and clinic settings. Since there are no side effects or contra-indications to Reiki therapy, it is available and safe for all living things.

There is great benefit to getting regular Reiki sessions. Clients that have monthly Reiki sessions report more continuous feelings of peace and vitality.

Anyone can learn to do Reiki. It is very simple to learn. If you are interested in learning how to become a Reiki practitioner or want to make an appointment for a private Reiki Session/Treatment or class, call Janet.


Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions For People: 60 to 90 minute session $65 in person.

Reiki Sessions For Animals can assist the body, mind and spirit with: stress reduction, pain releasing, general wellness, restoring balance, trauma from surgery or abuse. Animals are very responsive to treatment. Janet makes house calls (distance permitting) to do healing sessions with your animal companions (both wild and domestic) $40

Reiki Healing Sessions for people and animals can be done remotely, from a distance also. Absentee distant healing treatments are $65 for people and $40 for animals.


Reiki Classes for People

Reiki Classes in the Usui Method of Natural Healing

REIKI LEVEL ONE: Basic historical information and methodology. Attunement to Reiki energy and classroom hours allow the student to be certified as a practitioner able to perform Reiki for themselves and others. No prior experience is necessary. Tuition $125 (Two part series) [Part #1 is usually on a Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm; Part #2 is usually an evening class during the following week from 6:30 to 9:00 pm] Completion of Part 1 and 2 are required for certification. Includes manual & certificate.

REIKI LEVEL TWO: Expanded Reiki information, attunement to next level of energy. You will be instructed on how to activate and practice distance healing, karmic healing and emotional/mental healing. Reiki Level One experience is required.Tuition $200 [Part #1 is usually on a Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm; Part #2 is usually an evening class during the following week from 6:30 to 9:00 pm] Completion of Part 1 and 2 are required for certification. Includes manual & certificate.

REIKI MASTER PRACTITIONER / LEVEL THREE: Advanced Practitioner; Master Symbol. Receive your Master symbol attunement which intensifies, opens and empowers enhanced energy, third eye balance and encourages intuitive/divine guidance into your work. Explore the “Interconnected Master Within.” Reiki Level One and Two required. Includes manual and certification as Reiki Master Practitioner. Tuition $300. (3 part series) Third meeting is a private consultation or session with Janet.

REIKI MASTER TEACHER / LEVEL FOUR: A course of study, development, experience and commitment under the auspices of Reiki Master/Teacher, Janet Jackson. The Master Teacher Level is experienced at your own pace. This can take anywhere from six months to a year. Completion and Master/Teacher attunement will prepare you to instruct and attune others to all levels of Usui Reiki. Tuition $1,000

For more details, or to view the schedule of current classes please visit the “Calendar” of Janet’s sister website www.TheEnergyConnection.NET.

Special Fundraising Program rates for non-profit organizations!

Call Janet to schedule a class for your private group


LIGHTBODY REIKI ® For the New Millennium

Through extensive work and facilitating classes of the high energy of Lightbody/Merkabah activation, Janet Jackson and Kathy Duffy (both Certified Reiki Master Teachers & Practitioners) were Divinely lead to conceive and develop this “whole” new modality for self-transformation. Janet and Kathy have been blessed to bring through this new source of intention/energy/ creation via Lightbody Reiki ® and would like to share it with you. This workshop is a potent quantum two day experience, guaranteed to rock your universe! Learn how to activate your Merkabah/Lightbody with Reiki! It’s a course that is an exciting and innovative interconnection of the Reiki energy and quantum consciousness. Activate the divine matrix of light that makes possible unified communication with the Creative Consciousness. It is an experience of multi dimensional healing. When you learn to activate your Lightbody, you greatly accelerate your own personal ascension process of spiritual growth. Activating this source of Divine Light within you can continually raise your energetic vibration while it assists you in healing and becoming more and more self-aware. You are truly “letting your light shine” in the most profound way.

The essential paradigm of Lightbody Reiki is this: We are all holographic in nature. In other words we participate and replicate the Divine Matrix of creation. We can participate more consciously in the Divine Matrix if we re-inform or re-educate our subconscious of this truth. Our Lightbodies are our vehicles that more easily move our energetic intentions. Lightbodies, also known as Merkabahs, are an experience of the realm of a higher/deeper existence, a place of ascending spirit and light. Reiki is a powerhouse of interconnection to Source and a creative, unlimited energy that can be applied to encourage the reorganization of our beliefs. Reiki outsources from the unconditional heart and as it does so, it opens us more fully to participate in the Divine Matrix and therefore expands our reality. The Lightbody of Reiki creates a vehicle (Merkabah) that enables us to “release” from three dimensional reality and shift into the vast field of wholeness, oneness and unlimited possibilities. In Lightbody Reiki we will experience further ways to coordinate limitless healing and peace by joining ourselves in a group intention.

In this two day workshop, you will be an active participant in numerous deep and spiritually intense meditations to get your body ready to receive and hold the high energy frequencies. The intention is for you to hold as much light as you are comfortably able to process. Using the Reiki energy makes for a smooth integration process. The gentle sweetness of Reiki is the perfect vehicle to hold your highest intentions as you integrate your Lightbody into your everyday life.

Your Lightbody/Merkabah creates a strong unified field within and around your physical, mental, and spiritual body. It assists you in recognizing your wholeness and connection with All That Is. It is Divine “perfection in action” and can be used whenever you wish to feel held in the arms of wholeness and oneness. You will also receive attunements to ease yourself into the process of activating your Lightbody/Merkabah.

A few of the many reasons for activating the Lightbody numerous times daily:
* For use with meditation
* For magnifying and increasing your healing abilities
* For safety and protection from discordant energy
* For bringing balance and grounding
* For use during healing sessions for self and others
* For cleansing the aura
* For raising your vibrational frequency
* For accelerating your personal spiritual evolution
* For reminding yourself of wholeness

Two Day Workshop. Prerequisite Reiki Level Two. Special Tuition Offered at Only $244.
For more details, or to view the schedule of current classes, please visit the “Calendar” of Janet’s sister website www.TheEnergyConnection.NET.

Special Fundraising Program rates for non-profit organizations!
Call Janet to schedule a class for your private group



Janet’s work with animals has inspired her to share what she has learned so that others may feel more confident when dealing with animal issues and healing.

Animal Reiki – Level One Workshop: Many animals are in our lives to teach us about unconditional love. Animals bring so much joy, love, companionship and healing to our world. It is appropriate for us to return the favor by doing what we can to assist them along their life’s journey. The gentle, healing art of Reiki is one way we can help them. Reiki natural healing works on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki healing can help animals in so many ways. Reiki (ray-key) means universal life force energy. Its gentle nature is balancing and nutritive, and can be safely and effectively used to compliment (but not replace) veterinary care. It can be used from across the room or as a hands-on technique for healing, balance, calmness, pain, stress relief and more.

This class is a whole day of learning and experiencing Reiki for Animals. The Prerequisite for this class is to have a Reiki Certificate of any level, so you are already familiar with Reiki for People. Janet teaches Animal Reiki class after you have already had at least Reiki Level One for People. Some schools teach animal Reiki at the same time as people Reiki. Janet feels the animals highest and best interests are better served in dedicating an entire day for learning about their special needs. Any one can learn to do Reiki. The class is a full day (10 am to 5:00 pm) including practice with live domestic animals such as horses, dogs or cats.

This workshop is designed for those who have the desire to provide their animal friends (both wild and domestic) with Reiki natural healing. People are not the only ones that can benefit from Reiki healing. Animals are very responsive to Reiki. In fact, in many cases, animals are even more responsive to Reiki because they do not have belief systems and rigid mindsets that people can have. Therefore, they can easily accept the Reiki energy for what it truly is. Through many years of practicing Reiki (since 1996), Janet has seen some of the remarkable results it can have in lessening pain and illness (both physical and emotional) while creating a relaxation response.

Animals are very sensitive to fear, stress and discomfort. Therefore, when we are experiencing difficulty or a stressful time in our lives, our companion animals can feel it too. Sometimes the stress of a household can greatly affect them because they often absorb the energy in their environment. This can create imbalance. Energy never dies, it just changes form. Therefore we can transform the discordant energy with Reiki by doing a number of different techniques; not only in our homes, but by doing Reiki healing on our animal friends.

Animals allow the Reiki energy to flow through their bodies easily. This assists the body’s own natural healing mechanism to help bring itself into balance. Animals’ relaxation response is noticeable during a Reiki session. It’s comforting to see how the animal’s eyes become brighter after the session. Janet usually sees a noticeable difference in the flexibility and contentment of animals suffering from arthritis.

The following topics will be covered in class: Hands on healing protocol; The energy systems and chakras of a variety of animals; Animals’ relationship to healing energies; Clearing and scanning animal energy fields; How to treat injuries & emergencies; Exploring how an animal’s session differs from a human session; Clearing your home of unhealthy energy; and Much more! Tuition $125

Prerequisite: Reiki Certificate of any level. If you do not have a Reiki certificate and are interested in attending a Reiki class for people, please call or write to Janet for more information.

If you would like to learn Animal Reiki but have not yet taken Reiki Level One for People, please see the information under “Reiki Natural Healing.”

Bring: lunch, notebook, wear comfortable clothes & closed-toe shoes, bring or wear socks. We cannot accommodate all animals, but please talk to Janet if you have a mellow companion animal you wish to bring. A refrigerator, microwave, coffee, water and various hot teas will be available.

To view the schedule of current classes, please visit Janet’s sister website www.TheEnergyConnection.NET and see”Calendar” page

Advance Registration is required. Deposit of $75 is requested for Animal Reiki and Animal Communication Classes. Credit Cards are accepted. If paying by check, please make it payable to Janet Jackson, and mail it to: 7066 Route 819, Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666. For more details or registration information, please contact Janet.

Call Janet to schedule a class for your private group. Special Fundraising Program rates for non-profit organizations!


Animal Communication Classes

Communication with animals can happen in a number of different ways. By consciously connecting with animals in a specific way, we can communicate our intentions and requests with greater clarity. Every day, whether you notice it or not, you and your animal friends are communicating with each other through your intuitive nature. We do not often give ourselves credit for “picking up on” intuitive information from our loved ones and our environment, but everyone is intuitive to some degree. Intuition (or “gut instinct”) is a natural skill that can be developed and, with some practice, will enrich and strengthen your relationship with your animal friends, both wild and domestic, as you learn to address important issues and behavior challenges. This workshop could truly change your life! Tuition $150. Classmates gather periodically to practice.

Highlights for Level One Class:

  • Begin to notice your own unique communication style and explore the different ways you are already receiving communication signals from your animal friends, other people, and your environment
  • Practice opening your mind and heart to establish a clear line of communication
  • Practice being a good listener
  • Try some fun exercises to explore how you receive your intuitive information
  • Explore life from the animal’s perspective to gain greater understanding of what it’s like to be “in their paws”
  • Practice intuitively communicating with the companion animals of your classmates by using photographs; and receive validation for your information.
  • Explore the ways in which you may be keeping your animals “stuck” in unwanted behavior patterns and how to make improvements.

Bring photos of your live animals to the class (bring one photo for each animal that lives with you). To better prepare yourself for the class, please try to read at least one of the following books before the workshop: Animal Talk, by Penelope Smith or The Language of Animals, by Carol Gurney, or Learning their Language, by Marta Williams. Advance Registration requested.

Advance Registration is required. Deposit of $75 is requested for Animal Reiki and Animal Communication Classes. Credit Cards are accepted. If paying by check, please make it payable to Janet Jackson, and mail it to: 7066 Route 819, Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666. For more details or registration information, please contact Janet.

To view the schedule of current classes, please visit Janet’s sister website www.TheEnergyConnection.NET and see “Calendar” page.

Special Fundraising Program rates for non-profit organizations!

Call Janet to schedule a class for your private group


Animal Intuitive Communication Consultation

An Animal Intuitive Communication Consultation is a telepathic communication session wherein I speak with your animal friend(s) from a distance. During a session, you will learn how your animal feels physically, mentally and emotionally. This can be very helpful in getting to the root of a problem or misunderstanding between you and/or other animals in the house. (Animals never say anything that would embarrass their person.)

I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose an animal’s condition. However, I can give you a report of what is going on with them emotionally & physically, as they usually tell me where they have discomfort.

Before your session, please tell your animal that I will be “tuning in” to them to help. Ask your animal to talk with me. This can be done verbally or in your mind. Tell your animal companion that you are trying to help him/her; and you want what’s best for them. Tell him/her that you wish to live in harmony with them want them to be happy. This is an important step because it prepares your animal for the session and opens the line of communication. This makes for a smooth and easy session for everyone.

Call or Email to schedule a phone session. Let me know if you prefer a day or evening appointment, and your time preference Monday through Friday. At that time, I can give you my mailing address for payment. At least 24 hours before the appointment, you would Email me a list of the things you would like me to speak about with your companion animal, in order of priority. Be sure to include your telephone number! It would be nice if you could send me a photo of your animal via regular mail or email. (It is not crucial that I have a photo, but it is helpful). I will also need the species (eg: dog, cat, horse) name, age and gender of your animal. I will “tune in” to your animal at the appointment time. Have your animal at home relaxing when we talk. Your animal does not have to be present in the room with you during our session. My talk with your animal can take approximately 15 to 30 minutes. After our talk, I will call you on the telephone to discuss the conversation. If at that time, you wish to go a little deeper, I will continue to talk to your animal while I am on the phone with you. The whole process will be approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Have a pen and paper ready and be prepared to take notes. $40 Fee per long distance session.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. (724) 547-7101 (Eastern U.S. time zone)

I look forward to working with you and your animal companion.

Class Schedule

For a schedule of current classes please visit the “Calendar” of Janet’s sister website www.TheEnergyConnection.NET.

CDs Available

Janet has professionally produced three guided meditation C.D.s for stress relief and balance, entitled (1) "Angelic Lighthouse Meditation" (2) "Reiki Wave Meditation" and (3) "Angelic Meditations."

Her CDs can be purchased through the Energy Connections online store, Soul Sisters Gifts.